2005 Resource of the Year–Bizstats.com

As prospect researchers, we are often attempting to find useful numbers on privately held businesses. 2005 provided many new resources but I think my favorite is Bizstats.com

Bizstats describes itself as No Chat … Just Stats!

The site, run by Patrick M. O’Rourke, CPA, provides a variety of statistics and benchmarks on businesses. Bizstats.com allows you to “benchmark a business in five seconds”

For example, if the individual you are researching is a sole proprietor chiropractor, where you have a sales figure of $1.5 million from Dun & Bradstreet, you can put that into the total revenue field and find that, on the average, net income to owners as percentage of revenue is 41.6% of total sales, or $623,881.

In addition, the site has tables on average small business profitability, broken down by type of business, and rule of thumb valuations for sales of businesses.

Many of my clients are smaller organizations whose donors are not insiders or officers of publicly held companies. They are individuals who own a string of dry cleaners, or are successful dentists and who have a passion about a non-profit and wish to help.

Bizstats.com provides me the ability to assess wealth and gift capacity more accurately especially for the small businessperson or the family held business. I use it on a daily basis and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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