Allbusiness.com is a free resource which provides a variety of business resources, business blogs, forms and other advice.

The following is a description of from the website:

AllBusiness.com is an online media and e-commerce company that operates one of the premier business sites on the Web. Founded in 1999, the site has received critical acclaim from The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Business 2.0, Fortune, and other publications. AllBusiness.com helps entrepreneurs, small and growing businesses, consultants and business professionals save time and money by addressing real-world business questions and presenting practical solutions. The site offers resources including how-to articles, business forms, contracts and agreements, expert advice, blogs, business news, business directory listings, product comparisons, business guides, a small business association and more.

Allbusiness.com is particularly useful for prospect researchers as it provides a great range of full-text searchable free business periodicals. I found an excellent biography of a potential donor from the October 2001 edition of Inside Business.

You do have to sign up, and make sure you don’t accidently deluge yourself with newsletters, but I think this is a wonderful resource.

Periodicals by title can be found here


And appear to go back quite a bit (for example the ABA Journal goes back to 1989). The search interface isn’t the best, but is adequate.


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