What is Donor Research?

Understanding your donors and friends is essential to fundraising effectiveness. Northwest Research provides nonprofits with the tools for a successful ask. Donor Research can be useful at any time during the solicitation process.

Also known as prospect research, Donor Research makes use of the same tools and resources employed by journalists and competitive intelligence professionals — with a key difference: Northwest Research’s relationship to a donor is never adversarial, always respectful.

We collect and analyze only the publicly available information that advances the cause of fundraising, honoring the mutual relationship the nonprofit seeks with the donor.

Nonprofits that benefit from our services include:

  • Universities
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Religious and Arts Organizations


Northwest Research creates major donor profiles on individuals, families, corporations and foundations. Our profiles include not only biographic and financial information, but also affiliations, demonstrating your donor’s history and interest in other organizations.

A Northwest Research profile can provide:

  • Personal and Address Information
  • Biographic Information
  • Business Information, including stock information on public company insiders, and estimated net income for private companies.
  • Civic and Philanthropic Involvement and Connections
  • Real Estate and Asset Information, including Salary Estimates
  • Information on Foundations, Including Giving and Trustees
  • Information regarding Affinity and Past Giving
  • Gift Capacity Estimates

Northwest Research also provides:

  • Donor Research Training
  • Peer and Wealth Screening Support
  • Prospect Management Support
  • Data Mining Support